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Reno Divorce - "How Long's It Been?" 3:30
The Generators - "Ton of Bricks" 2:51
The Generators - "Ton of Bricks" videoclip, taken from the new album "Earn Your Stripes" out on Randale Records. (2016).
Get Dead - "She's a Problem" 2:33
Official music video for "She's a Problem" from Get Dead's album Honesty Lives Elsewhere. Directed by Nick Pappas.
Bitter Grounds - "Struck Out" 3:13
Struck Out by Bitter Grounds. From the upcoming full-length album. Out soon on Ring of Fire Records, Bad Granola Records en Nextpunk records!!!
KRASHKARMA - Sacrifice 3:56
Taken from the album "Paint The Devil" (Eternal Sound Records).
KopfEcho - "Jetzt ist Schluss" 3:31
Hands Off Gretel - "My Size" 3:36
The Moorings - "Drink Up Fast" 3:43
Kings Of Summer (Hooligan Mix), from the 2015 debut maxi EP "Hell Yeah! It's Hooligan Crooners".
The Rumjacks - "An Irish Pub Song" 3:22
Hometown Serenade is taken from Saturday´s Heroes album Hometown Serenade released by Lövely Records. Video filmed in Finspång, Sweden by: Ellie Jean Kham
The Soap Girls - "Bad Bitch" 4:24
SickSickSick – "Space Cock Rocket" 5:14
In Evil Hour - "Predators" 3:13
In Evil Hour - Predators Filmed, directed and edited by Steven Monkey Mason
The Bombpops - "CA in July" 2:14
Total Chaos - "Police Rat" 3:14
Duncan Reid - "Kelly's Gone Insane" 3:05
GUITAR GANGSTERS - "Aftershow" 3:07
The Silver Shine - "Have Mercy On Me" 3:23
Eat Lipstick - "Born 2B XeroX" 4:05
BORN 2B XEROX is the new video from EAT LIPSTICK's self titled debut album. Its the story of Platform Whore and Fashion Hooker, two San Francisco d.j.'s living their barbie dreams in a black and white world. Taking inspiration from artists, punks, writers, musicians, poets and freaks. They make xerox copies of all their heroes and themselves, taping them all over until every surface is covered! This gallery of constant black and white over saturated pixelated vision is the backdrop for dance floor passion ! Take a picture of yourself, print a black and white paper copy of it. Make it larger and smaller. Tape that on your wall and repeat and repeat, and repeat, and repeat, and repeat! Born 2B XEROX is the new copy machine adventure for the 21st century.
Punk Lurex O.K.: Arvojärjestys 2:43
Absolute Beginners "Art School" 3:22
La Cantine de Belleville, Paris 26 Nov. 2016
The Dictators - "Who will save rock and roll?" 2:57
Hung Like Hanratty - "She's A Monster" 3:17
THE REVOLVERS - "Narrowminded" 3:10
Sham 69 "Sweeny Todd" 2:02
From the new Sham 69 album 'Their Finest Hour' Featuring Tim V, Tony Feedback, Neil Harris, Al Campbell, Ian Whitewood www.officialsham69.com
Healthy Junkies - "Runaway Devil" 3:48
Healthy Junkies are Nina Courson-Vocals, Phil HoneyJones-Guitar, piano, bvs. Dave Whitmore-Bass and Tony Alda-Drums. Thanks to Vera Wild for playing bass on the audio recording which was done at Space Eko Studios by Alex McGowan and thanks to Stevie Bray for lending us his White Rogers drum kit. Runaway Devil is taken from the album 'Box of Chaos' which was released on STP Records on 20th February 2016 . For a copy of the album or a Runaway devil T shirt go to our web site store on
The Sensitives - "TRUMP" 2:36
Despite all the horrible things about Donald Trump being the president of the USA we can look forward to 4 years of great punk music because the inspiration have never been bigger!